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Europa may be one of the few celestial bodies in our solar system with a high potential for extraterrestrial life. Its theoretical predicted warm ocean, thick ice-crust, and active geology not only offer ideal conditions for life, but also promise a wealth of astrogeological information.

Europa seems to be a far-out goal when we have the Moon and Mars in our neighborhood, but its proximity to Earth (600 million kilometers) is still within reach of a manned mission – a goal that provides a foundation for very innovative research and development related to rocketry, planetary landers, robots, submersibles, interplanetary communication, habitation, and resource management.

A crewed mission to Europa also touches on deeper concepts such as answering if we are alone in the universe, human sacrifice (if we continue the idea of a one-way mission), and bringing back the pioneering spirit that shaped the world today but was lost somewhere in the process.

Many people would like this to be a robotics mission, and we believe such projects are absolutely important. However, we see human beings not just as added complexity but also added possibility; there are limits to what a robot can do autonomously or remotely. Human presence on Europa is a vital part of thorough exploration.


Even we are not sure of the answer, but we feel it is our duty as human beings to find out. We are curious creatures with a natural urge to explore and discover. The stem of civilization, science, and progress are deeply founded in this ability, and we have to keep reminding ourselves to continue this journey and never become static and satisfied with what we already know.

Facing a difficult (some would say near-impossible) task is not an acceptable reason to give up without trying. Time and time again, our species has proven to be adaptable to new challenges, and each time we push the boundaries of our abilities. Even in the event of failure, we will have learned something in the process. This is one of the fundamental reasons for creating Objective Europa.

We hope you understand our reasons for doing this and will join us in the process!