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The inital theoretical phase with the purpose of gathering all relevant and groundbreaking ideas, conceptual sketches, theories and knowledge related to a crewed mission to moon Europa.

We encourage: Scientists, academia, universities, private parties, individuals, architects, designers, conceptual artists, space-enthusiasts, psychologists, sociologists, electrical engineers, software programmers, artists, writers, authors, philosophers, geologists, polar-scientists, divers, submariners, mountaineers, propulsion engineers and everyone else to join us!

Participating in Objective Europa Phase-I is optional – if you volunteer you will join this project together with many others who find this project interesting and relevant.

The purpose of Phase-I is to establish a foundation on which a final mission scenario will be chosen and technologies will be tested upon (Phase-II). Going to Europa is no easy task and there are many areas and topics to be examined. A list of these topics – from which you can choose to work on – is available on the research topics page. You are also, welcome to suggest other topics or categories.

When you have chosen a topics you may begin your research or creating your ideas or sketches which will be uploaded to this site. Please also find our guidelines for reports and sketches.

Phase-I will mostly be report works, concept sketching and theory-sharing through the Internet. The work done by you and others will be available on this site for others to review and will become a baseline for future work and ideas.

Despite mostly sharing ideas using the Internet we urge people to join together in groups and begin joint ventures.

We hope you will join Objective Europa Phase-I.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.