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This page provides some basic facts and theories about Europa in the form of a quick overview. However, we encourage anyone participating in Phase-I to perform their own research on Europa and areas related to the research topics you have chosen.

Objective Europa does not assist in specific research for your contribution.

Find out about Europa, a watery moon of Jupiter, in this infographic.
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Basic Facts and Theories


(by NASA  and wikipedia)

Orbit Size Around Jupiter (semi-major axis) Metric: 671,100 km, English: 417,002 miles
Periapsis (closest) Metric: 664,792 km
Apoapsis (farthest) Metric: 677,408 km
Orbit Circumference Metric: 4,216,552.51 km
Average Orbit Velocity Metric: 49,476.1 km/h
Orbit Eccentricity: 0.0094
Orbit Inclination: 0.466 degree
Mean Radius Metric: 1,560.8 km
Equatorial Circumference Metric: 9806.8 km
Volume Metric: 15,926,867,918 km3
Mass Metric: 47,998,438,387,492,700,000,000 kg Scientific Notation: 4.7998 x 1022 kg
Density Metric: 3.013 g/cm3
Surface Area Metric: 30,612,893.23 km2
Surface Gravity Metric: 1.315 m/s2
Escape Velocity Metric: 7,293 km/h, English: 4,532 mph, Scientific Notation: 2026 m/s
Sidereal Rotation Period (Length of Day): 3.551 Earth days by Comparison: Synchronous with orbital period
Atmospheric Constituents: Oxygen


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