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The Library is a repository for relevant research papers and work that is publicly available or used by permission from the author/creator. Please list full references and provide working links to material whenever possible.


(available at

Assessment of Alternative Europa Mission Architectures.
Langmaier, Jerry; Elliott, John; Clark, Karla; Pappalardo, Robert; Reh, Kim; Spilker, Tom. 2008

Cryobot: An Ice Penetrating Robotic Vehicle for Mars and Europa.
Zimmerman, W. F.; Bonitz, R.; Feldman, J. 2001

Cryobot: Subsurface Exploration of Earth, Mars, and Europa.
French, L.; Anderson, S. 2002

Europa Exploration: Challenges and Solutions.
Johnson, Torrence V.; Clark, Karla; Greeley, Ron; Pappalardo, Robert. 2002

Europa: Extreme Communication Technologies for Extreme Conditions.
Zimmerman, W.; Bryant, S.; Zitzelberger, J. 1999

Europa–Jupiter’s Icy Ocean Moon.
Lowes, L. 1999

Europa Lander.
Gershman, R.; Oberto, R.; Nilsen, E. 2000

Europa Mission Planning and Status.
McNamee, John. 2005

Europa Orbiter Mission Options.
Nilsen, E. 2003

Europa: Processes and Habitability.
Pappalardo, Robert T.  May 29, 2006

Exploring Europa’s Ocean: A Challenge for Marine Technology of this Century.
Carsey, F.; Chen, G.; Cutts, J.; French, L.; Kern, R.; Lane, A.; Stolorz, P.; Zimmerman, W.; Ballou, P. 2000

Exploring Europa with an RPS-Powered Orbiter Spacecraft.
Abelson, Robert D.; Spilker, Thomas R.; Shirley, James H.; Green, Jacklyn R.; Smythe, William D. 2006

Exploring Europa with a Surface Lander Powered by a Small Radioisotope Power System (RPS).
Abelson, Robert D.; Shirley, James H. 2005

Ice-embedded Transceivers for Europa Cryobot Communications.
Bryant, S. 2002

Mission Architecture Options for a Near Term Small Europa Lander.
Balint, Tibor; Shirley, James; Spilker, Thomas; Abelson, Robert; Evans, Michael. 2006

Polar Traverse Rover Development for Mars, Europa, and Earth.
Behar, A.; Carsey, F.; Wilcox, B. 2002

Solar-Powered Europa Orbiter Design Study (2007).
Elliott, John; Langmaier, Jerry; Pappalardo, Robert; Strange, Nathan; Spilker, Tom; Lock, Rob; Reh, Kim. Publication Year: 2008

Sulfuric Acid in the Icy Crust of Europa.
Carlson, R.; Johnson, R.; Anderson, M. 1999

Objective Europa templates and logo

Simple (text and sketches) template
Objective Europa simple report template – (word-document)
Objective Europa simple report template – (word-format 97-2003)
Objective Europa simple report template – (Open Document)

Objective Europa report templates (simple and scientific)
Objective Europa template package (word-doc, word 97-2003, Open doc – zip, 1,5Mb)

Objective Europa logo package (PDF/AI/JPG/PSD)