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We believe in the power of giving anyone the choice of participating in research and brainstorming ideas related to this crewed mission to Europa. Your contribution will become a part of all the combined research available here on this site and may become a part of the final mission.

However, there are some guidelines we would like you to follow to ease to process and to combine this research.

  • Your work must be written in English
  • If you have no special template affiliation we recommend you download our Objective Europa report templates.
  • Always add name(s), affiliation and contact information in your report/work.
  • Your report must returned in either generic word-format or PDF.
  • Please contact us before starting your work on a topic of your choice.
  • Your report must be approved by Objective Europa before we publish it on this site*.
  • Please use references if possible.
  • Write the way you like. Also descriptive notes, lists and sketches are fine.
  • The title of a suggested topic is not necessarily the title of your report.
  • We do not accept reports based solely on Google searches and Wikipedia paragraphs.
  • Your ideas and research must be based on realistic technologies or known science.
  • Your work will be yours for free distribution – but we will hold the rights to use it for the mission.
  • Ideas and sketches posted in the forum is still subject for interest and may be featured
  • Be original – even the most far out idea might become a turning point.

* Approval of reports are only about preventing jokes, hoaxes, flaming or trolling.

Happy writing and sketching