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Author Topic: Data from Mars One?

Europa Dreamer
Posts: 9
Data from Mars One?
on: November 9, 2013, 06:44

Mars One (assuming they overcome the many financial obstacles witch is pretty unlikely) will be sending the first Human Settlers of Mars in 2023. I assume the Europa mission will launch later than that, so it seems like a good idea to gain information about the psychology of these first one-way extraterrestrial settlers (separated from Nature, there families, Earth etc.)

It seems like it would help greatly psychologically for Europa settlers for us to understand how Mars settlers react after a Year, Decade, 3 Decades locked up in a similer (though by no means as severe) as our Europa settlers.

This will happen when and if Mars One succeeds in it's goals witch I think is very slim (5%?). So at least until 2023 we won't have much to discuss on this thread!


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